Roster of Graduates

Commencement, 2020

Saturday, February 8, 2020

The roster of Graduates & Degrees per Discipline


Candidates for the Bachelor of Science Degree in Public Health

Name                                                        Major                                                      County


Sam M. Livingstone                    General Public Health                                     Bong County 

Dave M. Gbataquellie                 General Public Health                                     Bong County  

Garmai B. Kotogboe                   General Public Health                                     Bong County              

 Frank Allen                                 General Public Health                                     Bong County              

Comfort L. Cole                           General Public Health                                     Bong County

Ruth N.Willie                               General Public Health                                     Bong County


Candidates for the Bachelor of Science Degree in Community Health

Name                                                        Major                                                      County


Musu D. Quiqui                             Community Health                                            Lofa County   

Ngeiyah S. Bundoo                       Community Health                                            Lofa County

Henry Bundor                                Community Health                                            Lofa County

Robert F. Saah                              Community Health                                            Lofa County

Wilson P. Gbili                               Community Health                                            Lofa County

Jerry B. Howard                            Community Health                                             Bong County

Susan A. D. Sorlee                       Community Health                                             Grand Bassa County

Emmanuel Ude Olorunfemi          Community Health                                             Nigeria



Candidates for the Bachelor of Science Degree in Epidemiology

Name                                                        Major                                                      County


Dave Wuo Kehnel,Jr. **                    Epidemiology                                              Nimba County

Dekear D. Madave *                         Epidemiology                                             Bong County

Yah G. Paye.                                    Epidemiology                                             Nimba County

Wilfred O. Taikerweyah                    Epidemiology                                             Bong County



Candidates for the Bachelor of Science Degree in Medical Laboratory Technology

Name                                                        Major                                                      County


Stanley B. D. Zahn **                  Medical Laboratory Technology                       Nimba County



Candidates for the Bachelor of Science Degree in Accounting

Name                                                        Major                                                      County


Allen Domah  *                                 Accounting                                                 Nimba County


Candidates for the Bachelor of Science Degree in Applied Mathematics

Name                                                        Major                                                          County


Ernest Flomo Taylor                             Applied Statistics                                   Bong County



Candidates for the Bachelor of Science Degree in Education

Name                                                        Major                                                      County


James Akoi                             Education Management                                     Lofa County

Alfred S. Kamara                    Education Management                                     Lofa County

Alfred D. Ndorbor                   Education Management                                      Lofa County

Augustine K. Dorbor.              Education Management                                       Lofa County

Alfred D. Ndorbor                   Education Management                                       Lofa County

Michael L. Senesie                Education Management                                        Lofa County

Sandra D.S. Kpadeh             Education Management                                         Lofa County

Prince S. Ngombu                 Education Management                                         Lofa County

Mohammed O. Sheriff          Education Management                                         Lofa County

Selekie M. Kamara              Education Management                                          Lofa County

Charles Mulbah                   Education Management                                          Lofa County

Massa Karbeywollie,Jr.       Education Management                                          Lofa County

Valee Musa Sheriff              Education Management                                          Lofa County

Stanley C. Sampson   .       Education Management                                          Lofa County

Peter A. Teah   .                  Education Management                                          Lofa County

Koffi Anderson   .                Education Management                                          Lofa County

Rosetta L. Duncan.             Education Management                                          Lofa County

Henry F. Tamba  .                Education Management                                          Lofa County



Candidates for Certificate in Project Planning and Management

Name                                                                                                                County


Moses E. M.K. Tommie                                                                               Nimba County

Fat. Ulick Tarpeh